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Mvh, a young company near Vicenza, launches at SIMEI 2015 an innovative patent created to protect against counterfeiting attempts one of the excellences of the “Made in Italy” products: the wine.

We have studied the problems of the industry, analyzing the expectations of associations, producers, retails, up to the end customers. The result is that, to date, there are no tools for everyone to distinguish the true from the false, in real time and unequivocally. For this reason we have developed and patented The  UNIQO warranty  seal, a unique, dynamic, not-duplicable QR code, able to interact with the consumer. Just a simple click with your smartphone and the product is guaranteed


How does it works

Our unique, dynamic, not duplicable QR code, is printed on a dedicated seals, which can be made from the current suppliers who will be sent files containing  smart QR codes, already linked to individual production lots.

The identification information, or intelligences, present in the QR codes are formed by unique codes, not visible and linked to an encrypted system  regulated by a patented algorithm.

All data are allocated to an independent and  certificated server  with  value of legal proof. A second  functional patent, called UNIQO, then allows you to query and verify in real time all the data on the label, crossing at each reading DATA, PLACES AND DEVICES associated. Within seconds the APP will answer, ensuring not only  the authenticity of the bottle questioned, but also the geo location of the product and of the certificated  store.

The QR code is opened by the smartphone camera
The software recognizes the QR code and identifi es its content
The smartphone via its internet browser reaches the web address
The APP answers to the interrogation ensuring the authenticity, the geo location of the product  and of the store


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